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Our Founder

“My product is made just for you with all the love, inclusion, and zest we have to offer”

My name is Jon and I'm so pleased to meet you. I am an upstate New York native. I graduated HS in 2005 and quickly got into the workforce. Shortly after, I found myself feeling dissatisfied when working for others. Big name corporate jobs just weren't my vibe.
After moving down to New York City in 2017, I'd become exposed to so many new experiences, one such experience was my introduction to this fermented delight called kombucha. Our complex's community chef would leave gallons out for anyone to drink. I was hooked after the first glass!
Following the move back upstate, I had connected with an old friend who got me brewing my own. I researched, read, studied, and experimented for SO long. For the next couple of years I brewed hundreds of gallons. During that time, I've become an avid skydiver. I must tell you that bringing my kombucha to the drop zone (the place where one skydives) was never meant to be a jumping off point. After being told "You're stuff is better than anything we have purchased from stores" many times, I decided to start brewing more. I hope you'll find as much joy from drinking our organic kombucha, as we do making it. We hope you'll always provide feedback for us, and remember, Better Kombucha. Better Life.

Our Story

Kombucha Tribe began by brewing one gallon at a time for personal use. Intended to be only a hobby on the side, our kombucha didn't reach the public for years afterwards. During that time we brewed hundreds of gallons, flavoring with every combination we could imagine.

Debuting at local drop zones, it was met with enthusiastic support by the skydiving community. We knew quickly we had to make more and reach more people. Kombucha Tribe isn't about providing a tasty and healthy drink 12 ounces at a time. We wanted to spread a message!

We crafted our message to say "Everyone matters, Everyone deserves to be heard, Everyone is worthy of love, and everyone deserves access to affordable healthier options for their drinks".

We have since perfected 8 delicious flavors in the last 4 years. All of our products are locally sourced and made with USDA organic ingredients. We do not pasteurize and every batch is naturally carbonated (for that home-brewed feel)

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Product image

Our mission

Our mission at Kombucha Tribe is simple!

We want to provide everyone we love and all those we haven't met yet with a deliciously healthy and affordable bubbly drink!

We are passionate about our message of love, community, and inclusion. Our dream is to use our platform and product to spread that as far as it will go.

We hope you'll help us do that <3